How It Works

We can't decide if studying abroad is for you but through our resources we can guarantee you are making a choice from a place of knowledge.

After all knowledge is power.

What we are here to do is to help you make the most informed decision possible and make certain your application via xGRADUATE gives you the best chance possible for success.

No matter where you are in this decision process our service can help you get to the next step and all the way to your desired institution.

Our approach enables you to tackle this big exciting decision in 3 key ways:

Student browsing for a course

Browse countries, courses and information on applications such as standard of English required, visas and levels of previous study required to help you see what's out there

Student finding a course based on their interests

Decided what you would like to study based on your interests and what careers they may lead to

Student finding a course based on their desired career

Do you know what career you would like? Discover relevant course to help you achieve this future

We showcase many study options because it's paramount for us to give you as much choice possible to increase the chance of you finding the perfect fit.

In order to ensure you can weigh up the different options in a clear and transparent manner we have facilitated a unique and helpful way to view your selected choices. We offer the ability to shortlist and compare courses to ensure you are selecting the option that best suits you and your future endeavours.

  • Our all online service gives you autonomy over your applications while ensuring no mistakes are made, optimizing your success!
  • Our platform enables you to see all your applications in one place, making it easy to keep on track of your options.
  • Our clear to do list and notification options mean you will never miss an important part of the process.

In addition to this we offer a huge amount of resources which will inform you on all aspects of studying abroad from the culture of the destination country, financing, visa options and of course courses available and their requirements.

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